Friday, November 06, 2009

Aamir Khan learns Ventriloquism from Ramdas Padhye for Tata Sky AD

Here are the exclusive picture of Aamir Khan with me.The entire concept of the AD for Tata Sky revolves around the puppet with Aamir playing the Ventriloquist.In fact he being, a perfectionist learnt from me the nuances of Ventriloquism.He had seen my shows on T.V. when he was in school.Ventriloquism being a difficult art cannot be taught in a day or two.Hence the puppet was operated by me from below, whereas Aamir just imitated as a Ventriloquist.The concept of the AD is, T.V. has now become your puppet as due to the Active Services introduced by Tata Sky you can literally do anything with your T.V.Here is the video of Making of the Tata Sky AD, where Aamir has spoken about me

In fact Aamir has done a hairstyle just like me similar to my Doordharshan days.The nuances of the art of Ventriloquism are perfectly captured by Aamir with respect to the chemistry between the puppet and the ventriloquist.
In fact he has really given a great boost to this art of Ventriloquism and puppetry which has got a huge potential which is still not explored in Indian Entertainment industry.

Ramdas Padhye
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Anonymous Hrishikesh Naik said...

Ramdas Sir, we are your fans and appreciate your fine entertaining work, for so many decades now, which still makes people smile.
Thank you for entertaining us.
Hrishikesh Naik

2:16 AM  

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